What they say about Lima's works

"Don Quixote went up against windmillls. Hely Lima is an artist who's gone up against gentrification.

Lima has a better way to freeze memory than you or I. He has his eyes, his fingers, and his talent"

Jerry Tallmer-New York Post

Chauncey Howell/Hely Lima/NBC

"Active, seething visions of New York can been seen in Hely Lima's exhibition. Here the pulse of the city with its urban extremes and stereotypes can be seen and felt with humor, accentuating the immense vitality found in squalor.Social comment is surreptitiously woven into this form, pointing at certain institutions."

Fiona Dunlop- Art News- London

Japoneze TV

"Lima's work is marked by a blazing theatricality, dark humor and an astonishing attention to detail.As with a Bosch painting, the more one looks, the more one sees.He chronicles the joys, the pains and the electricity of contemporary urban life, and he does so brilliantly."

Torso Magazine-New York City


"Lima sees the streets of New York like a theatre. It is a pleasure to look at them, each painting depicting a different "quartier" of New Yor"k."

La Liberation- Paris

" Lima's works are full of activity. It is truly the world of the "West Side Story" without Romeo and Juliet, with black humor being blended in at times."

Katzumie Masaru- Tokyo


"This superb art work is a combination of painting, sculpture and theater. Beautifully  composed, the work is extremely well conceived. It mus be seen."

Les Petites Affiches- Paris

Mr. Lima was also featured in articles in magazines and newspapers such as Paris Match (Paris), The Times ( London), HB Magazine (Rome)  Manchete Magazine (Rio de Janeiro)  .Star Magazine, New York Magazine, The New York Times, The Daily News, and Cosmopolitan Magazine ( Usa and Japan)