The Asphalt Jungle
Asphalt Jungle detail
Now at Gallery 71, New York City
Dog-Day Afternoon at Gallery 71
Dog-day afternoon (Detail)
Nobody is good as Bette when she is bad! At Gallery 71

Like New York itself, Hely Lima's constructions are a mass of conflicting impressions. There are quiet neighborhoods with Mom-and-Pop grocery stores,little worlds unto themselves...and there is the ever-changing streetscape, with giant cranes and construction crews demolishing familiar neighborhoods. There are rainy nights with glittering reflections and crowded subways. The closely observed details and the witty commentary make Lima's art hard to describe. A French critic wrote: "Lima's work is a combination of painting, sculpture and theater". Adding to the unexpected tone is Lima's clever use of found objects,like old computer parts to represent the machinery and architectural details of the ever-evolving city.

Most important to Lima's work is the human connection to this amazing urbanscape.Even in pieces where there are no visible people, the personality of various New Yorkers is felt.

Going to Halloween In the Village
Metamorphosis #2
Robbing the bank
Cranes over Manhattan
Fire at the Massage Parlor
Artists and Models
Giacometti and Botero
Singing in the Rain
NYC Marathon- Detail
Sunday Brunch at the Dinner
The Subway Elevator

The Saatchi Gallery